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harjeet officer/technical officer

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by , 01-10-2012 at 11:57 PM (7045 Views)
i have done electronics & communication engineering and iam eligible for it officer.
but in technical officer electronics & telecommunication engineers are eligible.
Am i eligible for technical?????
What is difference between syllabus of it officer & technical officer???

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  1. Keyrunkumar's Avatar
    there is not much difference between IT officer and technical officer.....

    But I think you should apply for IT officer...

    All you need is a little computer basics knowledge.......Like Database and basics of Microsoft office excel and word for the examination.....
  2. chithra's Avatar
    I am also ECE and i took challan in name of technical officer ,and i would like to change post to IT officer is it possible?
  3. Keyrunkumar's Avatar
    Just try to edit your profile CHITRA

    Go to IBPS...there is an option to edit your it fast before the last date.......