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by , 02-24-2012 at 09:45 PM (3995 Views)
1. The rules of a language are called its __________.
A) structure B) code C) syntax D) rigidity
2. A language that can be written on one platform and executed on another platform is said to be __________.
A) portable B) robust C) third generation D) dynamic
3. Fourth generation languages typically allow the developer to work inside of a(n) __________.
A) interpreter B) assembler C) editor D) IDE
4. __________ is Microsoft’s latest entry into the programming arena.
A) Java B) .NET C) Visual Basic D) Pascal
5. A next-generation Web content development language, __________ typically refers to a suite of technologies that allow developers to store data in a readable format. A) HTML B) XSL C) XML D) PHP
6. Macromedia __________is an HTML editor that allows the developer to visually write Web pages.
A) Flash B) Dreamweaver C) MX D) FireWorks
7. JavaScript was developed by __________ to run inside of web pages.
A) Microsoft B) Sun C) Oracle D) Netscape
8. To create movies for a web page, the best solution is to use _________A) Java B) Flash C) JavaScript D) XML
9. To connect a web page to an Oracle database, the __________ language is suggested. A) ASP B) PHP C) Java D) XSL
10. This technology is used to convert XML into HTML. A) CSS B) XHTML C) PHP D) XSL
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  1. mohitvats17's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Can Any one provide me the IT Officer Scale-II technical paper Question and Answers???????????//
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  2. kumud_ranjan18's Avatar
    Sorry i am not capable of giving you it officer 2 question answer
    but mostprobliy it will based on networking and database
  3. hardikdarji's Avatar
    Nice questions,

    Can any one provide me some mode detail information/questions like what type of question can be asked for IT s-1 officer