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My Group Discussion and Interview experience for SBI PO

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, 10-07-2011 at 03:31 AM (24243 Views)
I would like to share my experience at the State Bank Probationary Officer Group Discussion and Personal Interview which might help other fellow aspirants.

My reporting time at the Local Head Office (LHO) was 8:00 AM. After reaching the venue, I was asked to produce the required certificates, like Graduation, Age, Call Letter, etc. They take anything between 5 to 15 mins for the verification of all the papers per candidate.

After the verification for the entire batch is over, all were taken to a round table hall and we were asked to occupy the seats according to the numbers allotted to us.

After 10mins, the members of the Interview Board (4 in number) arrived and one of them explained all the details of how the GD process will go. Then we were given a topic and asked us to jot down some points for 5mins and after 5mins, we had to discuss on that topic.

Out topic was: "Despite Economic Development, the disparities between the rich and the poor have increased"

After 5mins, every candidate made his/her points for 2-5mins. Then in the end, again each one of them had to conclude with 1-2 more points.

After this, we were asked to wait in the lobby. Then after 5mins, candidates were called for Personal Interview according to numbers allotted.

After a wait of 45mins, my turn came.

After entering the room, I wished all the 4 members politely: Good morning, Sirs.
(Since all the four were men, I used Sirs. But if there is a woman, one can wish: Good morning Madam. Good morning Sirs....Always good to wish the ladies first )

Chairman: Sit down.
Me: Thank you, sir.
Chairman: Are you serious about joining SBI? (I am a B.Tech)
Me: Yes sir, I am very much.
Chairman: What have you been doing since your graduation?
Me: Sir, I was preparing for Civil Services Exam.
Chairman: Are you still preparing for it?
Me: Yes sir, I am.
Chairman: Why do you want to join SBI?
Me: Sir, I always wanted to contribute to the society which would not only help the poor and needy for their growth but would also give me satisfaction in my career. And by joining SBI, I would be directly helping the needy like the farmers, SHG, etc by giving out loans and other financial services for the development.

Chairman: As a Branch Manager,will you give loans to whoever comes to you?
Me: No sir. I will always have to play by the rules of the organization no matter who comes before me.

(Chairman asks the second member to take over)

2nd Member: What do you know about Internet Security? (I had presented a Technical Paper on Internet and Computer Security at IIT Delhi)

Me: Sir, it's all about Firewall, Encryption, Phishing, Anti-virus and a knowledge of Hacking too.
2nd Member: What is Digital Envelope?
Me: Sir, it is a process by which both data and the key are encrypted and transferred to the receiver.
2nd Member: What do you know about Cloud Computing?
Me: I am sorry sir, I have heard and read this before but I cannot recall. If I am not wrong it is related to sharing of resources only when there is a demand for it.
2nd Member: What is a network?
Me: Sir, Network as in Computer network is a group of computers interconnected with each other.
2nd Member: What is VAT?
Me: Sir, it is Value Added Tax which is levied at each stage of the manufacture of a product or service.

(Third member, a civil servant, takes over)

3rd Member: Who is the chairman of National Highways Authority of India?
Me: Sorry sir, I don't know.
3rd Member: He is a Punjabi.
Me: I am sorry sir. I can't recollect.
3rd Member: It's Brijeshwar Singh.
Me: OK, thank you.
3rd Member: Who is the Governor of Tamil Nadu?
Me: Sir, it is Surjit Singh Barnala.
3rd Member: Who is the Chairman of Planning Commission?
Me: Sir, it is the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

(4th Member takes over)

4th Member: What is the significance of Anandpur Sahib?
Me: Sir, it is the place where the last guru of Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh selected five beloved ones and baptized them and gave the title Singh to them.

4th Member: What do you know about Banda Bairagi?
Me: Sorry sir, I have no idea.
4th Member: What is the difference between CRR and SLR?
Me: Sir, CRR or the Cash Reserve Ratio is the minimum cash ratio which each banks have to main in their reserves. While the SLR or the Statutory Liquidity Ratio is the amount of assets like Cash, Bonds, Stocks which have to be maintained in the reserves.

(4th member to Chairman: I am done sir)

Chairman: Ok, that is all. You can leave.
Me: Thank you sirs.

__________________________________________________ __________
You can ask me any query which I would be very happy to reply and help you guys

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  1. narender's Avatar
    Thanks Sir for Providing Valuable Info. Its very helpful for us the crack the GD & PI.

    I have a Question Will u plz help me

    i m very poor in non verbal reasoning will u plz tell me about the best book & how to Prepare for that. u can also write to me on my id

    Also tell me the best book for all the section in bnak po exams
    Updated 11-09-2011 at 05:04 PM by RPS
  2. hsbcjpr's Avatar
    Gr8 Job, beneficial for all.
  3. bhuvanamouttou's Avatar
    Thanks for this post. This session was really gave an idea about the GD and interview.

    Can u pls give me some info of IT special officers "Test of professional knowledge" exam.

    How to prepare for it and some model papers.

  4. radhika_rk86's Avatar
    thanks for this post but i would like to ask u 1 question and it is very very urgent can u tell me if i am not able to give this IBPS po exam on 17th of june 2012, am i eligible to give it as supplementary exam after in next supplementary exam with changed exam center.....
  5. radhika_rk86's Avatar
    please help....
  6. Shubham Kumar's Avatar
    can you get me your sbi po roll and date of birth