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Dob not updated

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by , 01-30-2012 at 04:35 PM (923 Views)
while filling the online form i mistakenly filled one month less this will cause of rejection of my form.or this will sort out on the time of exam.while it does not effect my total age on form.

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  1. RPS's Avatar
    Don't know if that will be a problem. If you are called for the interview then well and good.

    Kindly ask such questions in the forum. Don't ask here in Blogs.
  2. Anup Ghoshal's Avatar
    Any body send me current General awareness question answer ?
  3. Anup Ghoshal's Avatar
    I can,t download attachments plz help me
  4. Anup Ghoshal's Avatar
    can i join a group?How?
  5. Anup Ghoshal's Avatar
    any body send me a syllabus of it officers