1-best actress award – vidya balan
2- anoop jalota is singer
3- 3rd brics summit in 2011 place?china(sanya)
4- G8 meeting 2012 place-usa campdavid (which was held on may 22)
5- mukul roy from which party-trinamul congress
6- related to NABARD
7- loan to SHG group called – micro credit
8- Chief election commisner ?s.y.qureshi (in exam it was given as s.v.qurashi)
9- in ECB what C denots ? commercial
10-related to CM of states,hp pk.dhumal is correct
11- book of VIKRAM SETH ? the golden gate
12- external foreign affairs minister?s.m.krishna
13- who headed india – russia meeting ?manmohan singh
14- bank rate ?9
15- population day ?july 11
16-whch term doesnt belng 2 cricket?jockey
17 -whch term doesnt belng 2 bnkng?amplitude
18- australian open-djokovic
19 – membrs of rajya sabha-?6 years
20- work’s unit-joule
21- rural infrastructure -bharat nirman
22 -r.b.i-banker’s bank
23- shiekh hasina-prime minister of bhangladesh
24- victoria azarenka (belarus)-lawntennis
25.cup realated to tennis-wimbledon
26.17th saarc summit addu(maldivies) -pm manmohan singh
27.budget 2012-2013-railways -ac 3 tier fare was not hiked is only true
28.usa .foreign secretary of state -mrs.hillary clinton
29.which of the following is not a opec(organization of petroleum exporting countries)member -bangladesh