Well my GD topic was "Use of technology in Banking". 4 judges were there
and the center was Sthanikraj Bhavan,Mumbai.There were I guess 10
people in my group out of which 2,3 guys were absent..My group was
really good.. 4 people got final selection including me. Time allotted
was 10 min.. they gave us 2 min to think before start of GD and in the
end everyone was asked to conclude. All in all my GD went really good.

Talking about my PI ..it lasted about 15 to 20 min. and well as soon as
my PI was over I was damn sure that I will be through ... I answered
each and every question asked by them and i think i satisfied them with
my answers. Some questions i remember are:

1. I guess 1 of the judges was from my home city ( we have to write
information sheet prior to GDPI which is provided to each judges) so

he asked me about my address.

2.Tell me about your hobbies.: My answer was Chess and watching Horror movies .

3. Who is/was your favourite Chess player? :Garry Kasparov

4. Tell us some horror movies you like.

5. How will you use your skills( I am an electronic engineer) in bank?

6. One of them appreciated me for my academics.

7. Suppose if some very frustrated guy comes in your branch what will
you do to solve his problem ( very tricky question... answered it

diplomatically )

8. Asked me to prioritize among these: friends, family,society, country.

My answer was: Country,Family,Friends,Society

9. If country is your 1st priority then why are you competing here?:
All the judges burst out laughing when they heard my answer ( I am

not gonna disclose my answer here )

10. Biggest employer in terms of no. of employees: Indian Railways

11. Why SBI?

Judges were very friendly. You just be yourself.

All the best!!