I had my interview of sbi for PO on 11 jan 2012

i would like to share the experience with u and other aspirants.

Name:sheikh sharwar

Venue: sbi local head office, lucknow.


Interview panel:3 male members and 1 female member.

i reached the interview venue at 7:30 am as the reporting time was 8:00am

first of all the document verification took place after which i was not allowed to take part in the G.D and interview as i had some documentation problem,but some how i managed to clear it there after i was allowed to attend the G.D & interview in the afternoon batch.

at 3:30 our G.D started and the topic was “Is adult franchise in its present form appropriate for the democratic selection process for our country today” initially each of us got 2 min to present our thoughts and finally a common discussion of 10-15 min,

now the interview process started and i was the last person to attend the interview.

i entered the room greeted them and they asked me to sit.

1st ques: is your birth date original or fake( 1st jayn)

ans: its original sir, all of them smiled and one of them said ur quite lucky,another member said the whole world celebrates ur birthday and the mode of interview shifted towards jolly mood now

2nd ques:were u eligible for this post(my graduation marks are quite low)

ans:i replied yes sir only graduation was required

3rd ques:why so less marks

ans: i explained them and they were convinced,the female member praised me for getting through in the written exams.

4th ques:what`s ur weight and what would be it on the moon

ans: was unable to give the exact answer(it is 1/6 of ur weight)

5th ques:sun is a star or planet


6th ques:what is moon, whether its a planet or star

7th ques:do u see that window,few hours ago there was sun but gradually it went down? kahan gaya ? kaise gaya

ans:expalined them but made a mistake in the actual degree of earth`s inclination i said 27 degrees but its 23.5 degrees

8th ques: what`s carlography

ans: i don`t no sir(as i mentioned calligraphy as my interest)

and few more similar questions interview lasted for about 15 min but i thing i`ll never understand why they asked such questions i`m a arts graduate with management degree. anyways best of luck to all the aspirants.