SBI Clerical (Assistants and Stenographers) Exam Computer Knowledge Questions 27th May 2012

Q1) which of these is not included in computer tower____?

Q2) which memory is used during computer start up___?

Q3) why is RAM called so___?

Q4) which of these is a feature of SRAM___?

Q5) which type of devices are CD & DVD____?

a)storage b)processing c)memory

Q6) which of the following does only read function___?

a)cd-rw b)dvd-rw c)cd-r

q7) which of the language is easily relocated___?

Q8) by whom help we can view web pages?

Q9) which of these is the most expensive computer?

10)which of the following is not computer language ??? machine level, high level, low level, middle level, none of these??

11) speed of micro processor measured in ?

12)which memory is lost wen the computer is turned off___?

13)which of the following uses computer line for connection___?

14)Performing multiple task at same time___?

15)Internet can be connected with PC through___?

16)Installed bug software can be repaired through?___?